Hortofruticola Sudamericana exports the best fresh figs from the south of the world to the most demanding worldwide markets. Beside traditional fresh use, nowadays Black Mission Figs are on trend in the most sophisticated kitchen and gourmet cuisine. today is possible to find in exclusive dishes in high level restaurants.

We grow and export exclusively black mission figs variety which is characterized by an external purple color, a very tender skin with a nice pink color inside, soft, sweet rich honey flavor and delicate flesh. Its crunchy seeds make a unique experience, they are very high in anti-oxidants rich in vitamins and minerals. For all prior reasons fresh figs are considered as a Super Fruit.

Black mission figs are exported by plane in 3 different kind of packaging

  • 1 kilo gross weight carton in sizes from 18 to 26 (units per box) and 306 cases per pallet.
  • 2.88 kilo boxes 18 x ½ pint (160 grams per punnet), and 132 cases per pallet
  • 3 kilo box, 12 x 250 grams per punnet, and each clamshell weighs 250 grams boxes per pallet 132.
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